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Post  CandyCaneLuvr on Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:10 pm


Roseheard :: A Horse RP 15xag7o
(sorry it says banner made by Pony326. I had this RP on a dif site and that was my username there)

It's a cold night and you are walking through the forests. The night dawns on you and the sky grows darker as you walk. You are looking for shelter. You are without a home or herd. As you walk you shiver as a glimse of light passes by your eyes quickly. But it is gone as quick as it appeared. You look around, thining it was a halutionation.
Suddenly a strong scent of roses fills your nostrils and you look around in bewilderment.
To your utter surprise you find yourself face to face with a beautiful white mare. "Who are you?" She asks, her voice beautiful, like a song. You shiver down in her presence and answer. "You are is Rose Herd property. Name yourself." What do you do? Do you join? Do you run?

Rose Herd is located on top of a large grassy hills. Cherry blossom trees and roses surround the exterior, and the interior is full of trees and life and yes, of course, roses. There is a beautiful, peaceful lake with a river leading to it. Mountains surround the place on all sides as well as trees.



(I will add more later Wink)

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Post  Sabie11 on Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:16 pm

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